Centennial Olympic Park: The Fountain of Rings

The Fountain of Rings is located in Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the most spectacular fountains in the United States. The Fountain of Rings and the Centennial Olympic Park were both built to celebrate the 1996 Summer Olympics. A popular tourist destination, the fountain is one of the few interactive water structures found in the world. Its operations are controlled entirely by computers which synchronize various elements in the fountain show such as lights, jets of water and background music.

olympic fountain

The main goal of the water structure was not only to provide visitors a spectacular view but also to make them experience the water feature. Visitors, particularly children, are encouraged to enjoy the water from the fountain which forms a splash pool. Moreover, the Fountain of Rings provides a much needed escape from the balmy Georgian temperatures for adult runners and concert goers. Each year, the Centennial Olympic Park hosts thousands of visitors. It holds a summer concert series and an annual Fourth of July fireworks show.

The fountain's nozzles are embedded in the park's ground. Through these nozzles, water is sprayed and then falls gently on the five Olympic rings which are depicted in the stone and lights underneath. The granite material which was used for the fountain's construction was imported from the five continents. These continents are represented in the Olympic Games. Each of the Olympic Rings measure 25 feet in diameter. Such huge size is enough to accommodate two parked cars. The entire fountain along with the five rings measure up to a remarkable 82.5 feet in length. Wall Fountains Home Page.

The splash pond has 251 shooting jets that constantly project water in the air from 12 to 35 feet. The movement creates an amazing modern art "sculpture" which is entirely made out of water. The fountain is surrounded by the flags of all those countries which hosted the Summer Olympics before the year 1996.

The Fountain of Rings serves as an inspiration to similar designs worldwide. This include the water feature found in Dundas Square near Toronto. The Centennial Olympic Park and the Fountain of Rings both serve two purposes. First, it preserves the lasting legacy of Atlanta when it hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. Second, it marks the beginning of the revitalization and community development of Atlanta which was so desperately needed that time. The desire for revitalization and development is continued up to the present day.