Stone Goddesses:
The Floria Wall Fountain

TThe Floria Wall Fountain is situated in the middle of a freeway intersection in the town's hectic business district. The Wall Fountain was constructed in 1874 and shows the Roman deity Floria in rock. Floria is the goddess of blossoms and the springtime season. She is a icon of revival and reincarnation. Her outstretched palms are seen with water streaming to the tiny side basins which then over-flows into the spacious Wall Fountain pool at the bottom of the structure.

The Floria Wall Fountain was created from imported rock from Portland, England. Regrettably, the Wall Fountain endures being coated with thick grime due to the city’s contaminated air. This leaves tourists with a bad taste in regards to the country's ecological legacy.

Presently, the Wall Fountain is considered to be a historical site and is being handled with great care to guarantee its future. It was initially commissioned and financed by for by Curtis Parsekh, a noble dignitary who was credited with the city's revitalization during the 1820s.

For several years, the Wall Fountain didn’t have a coating. The raw rock was left exposed to the elements and deteriorated over time. In recent years, the Wall Fountain has been sealed with a white petroleum paint in an effort to protect the rock against air pollution. Back to Wall Fountains Home Page.

The Wall Fountain was originally named after Sir Bart Freese who was the regulator of the city. Shortly thereafter, the name was updated to Floria before the Wall Fountain was dedicated.

The Floria Wall Fountain is situated in the middle of the city and has come to be a notable landmark. It was renamed again in 1950 as Hutanma Chowt, alternatively known as “Marytr’s Crossroad,” as a way to commemorate the men and women who were killed in the conflict to secure India’s Independence. However, most residents and tourists refer to the fountain simply as the “Wall Fountain.”

On any given day, this eye-catching Wall Fountain is hemmed in by peddlers selling a wide range of items and food. It is also being encircled by government buildings, including the Secretariat, the University and the Gateway.

The Floria Wall Fountain can be seen from the windows of the government buildings, the highest court of law. It is continually undergoing restoration amidst the massive amount of car pollution. In other words, the Wall Fountain is a fragile reminder of the effects of advanced technology on eternal beauty. The Floria Wall Fountain is a must-see.